Kids Act Reviews!

"It's hard to describe all the great things that we have experienced about Kids Act. It's not only the imaginative plots that the children design, or the esteem-building structure and guidance from idea to script, or even the fact that they get the opportunity to be on stage in front of people and perform their creations; for me it's the loving, embracing nature of Aleta and her "anything goes" attitude that is the backbone to this program. You can enroll in any acting program, there are many of them, but this one is truly special. It gave my son the foundation from which to go on...he is actually now in the entertainment industry, doing films and commercials. He has only studied under Aleta, no other acting coach. It's a fantastic program that allows the children to not only see, but be involved in all facets of each creative process." 

‍                                                                                        Mary Jo McCaffery (parent)

"My daughter loved the playful environment of Aleta's Drama class, enjoyed the creation of the play together and fell further in love with performance. Aleta's energy and enthusiasm is infectious and the kids take in her solid instruction on projection, line delivery and set building naturally while they enjoy their classmates and their creation together. I am thrilled to have found someone with such amazing skills to work with my child."                     Jennie Starr (parent)

"Aleta's love of theater is evident from the first class. She is equally adept at helping to channel the energy of active children in a positive, expressive direction; and patiently helping soft spoken or introverted children to develop self-confidence and alleviate fears of public speaking. Most importantly, while the kids have fun, Aleta is introducing them to the creative writing process, memorization, and set design. My children always look forward to the classes, and as a parent, it has been wonderful to watch my children enjoy and benefit from the program." —Katie White (parent)

What parents and kids say about Kids Act online classes!

Ian in Henry IV

Kids Act inspired me to think big even though I was a little person.  It truly felt like home, even though we weren't at the theaters!    —Scottie Smith (student)

My daughter’s loving the Monologue Slam! Thanks so much for doing it!

            —Lance Smith (parent)

Hi Ms. Aleta! That "Create your own character" activity was really fun! I liked hearing the other kids' characters and the warm-ups were cool too! Again, the program was truly entertaining, and thank you for arranging it!  

Alisha Chitko, Writer. Actor. Scientist. Veterinarian. (student)

Drama is a fun activity that I enjoy. Kids Act online is a fun way for me to make new friends, improve my acting, connect with people, and have fun. Miss Aleta is an amazing teacher that is kind to us and helps us the best that she can. 100% recommend Kids Act online.      Evi Sherlock (student)

"During these times of isolation it's a welcome opportunity for my daughter to interact with other kids & also develop her creativity and social interactions. On-line Kids Act is a great resource and I'd highly recommend it.”         Jon Sherlock (Parent)

After 9 years with Kids Act! classes and camps, we were pleasantly surprised by the great opportunity of online Monologue Slams during the quarantine time! It was fun to see old friends, meet new folks, and of course, be creative with Aleta again! Aleta is wonderfully inviting, encouraging, and brilliant with so many ideas of creative outlets for kids and adults during this time! What a great activity while we’re all at home & looking for online entertainment/performance opportunities! Thank you, Aleta & Kids Act!

                                                       Lorraine Demi, Dan Paris & Benjamin Demi-Paris (parents and student)