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About Kids Act!

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Imagine! Create! Perform! 

Kids Act will motivate, inspire, and enrich your child, whether they are meant to be on stage or need a little more confidence when speaking in front of classmates.

Playing theater games, creating characters and stories, and performing for friends and family, kids experience the joy of creative expression as they strengthen their talents and build new abilities. Kids Act students gain confidence, exercise leadership skills, build their abilities to listen and cooperate, and experience the magic of bringing something they imagine to life. They have fun while learning acting skills in a safe, supportive environment. 

Many theater programs for kids require a large financial and time commitment, and require auditions for elaborate shows. Kids Act turns all this on its head. The price and schedule fit into the rest of your life. Shows are simple. The emphasis is on creative expression. The experience gained from week to week in class is just as important as the the final show, and the performance offers opportunities for each individual to shine.

Kids Act is built on the foundation of Aleta Barthell's extensive professional theater experience and training. Students learn core acting skills in a context that's valuable for every kid, not just those who want to go further in acting. The learning is play-based, so the kids have fun while they learn and often want to repeat the program. There are opportunities to grow and work at a higher level when they do. The same goes for the writing programs!

From founder, Aleta Barthell:

“Over fifteen years ago I started an experiment in a rented classroom at the Grauer School in Encinitas. I wanted to see if I could create and deliver a theater program that provided a meaningful experience to every participant. These questions were running through my mind: What if every student could feel comfortable stepping onto a stage? What if every student felt joy expressing themselves in front of others?

And so Kids Act was born with this mission:

“Our goal in Kids Act is to encourage our students to manifest their talents and abilities 

through the joy of creative expression.”

We have brought the program to different sites in North County—Carmel Valley, Poway, Encinitas and now, finally, in Carlsbad with New Village Arts Theatre.

I have watched my students grow over the years—many returning to volunteer with the younger kids in camps and classes. I have been humbled and honored to have grown students ask for letters of recommendations for scholarships, jobs, auditions, college applications and even graduate school.”